the last class

This sunday I will have my last << NEW CONCEPT ENGLISH>>class.
Remembering the day of my first time to attend the class and thinking that I have to leave,I feel so sad,because something that I did was not as well as I can.Two years have passed,going with
NCE2,NCE3 and NCE4.Reciting and writing so much “`During this time,I failed to pass the CET-4,but until then I found something interesting waiting for me.Is it right?
Poor still am I.
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2 Responses to the last class

  1. 倚天 says:

    yeh,me too.I feel very sad. not sad, maybe.but I don’t know how to express such feelings. years have passed by but I felt as if we had only studied there one day together in prof. Luo’s class. I got a lot there. Including friends like you, Tony, Simon and Gladys.

  2. Zhao says:

    I am glad to see that someone visited my msn space through qq.Maybe you are the first one since I put the address on qq a week ago.Do you have such a space?

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