Happy New Year

  Once more, I have to say goodbye to the passing year.
  During this year, the world has been changed, as well as the article written in English. When the death of Saddam Hussein came suddenly than expected, it prove that might is right.
  “Hanged at dawn, he did not resist but refused to have his face covered.” Justice, in the name of people, has carried out the death sentence against the criminal Saddam, who faced his fate like all tyrants, frightened and terrified during a hard day which he didn’t expect. For me ,there is just a feeling of surprise.
Different ideas always encounter with me. Through 2006, two giants, China and the United States, continued with their traditional diplomatic dance and the result was the usual “one step forward, one step backwards” approach, instead of “real partners”, remaining “strategic competitor”. Opportunities go with opponents.
2007, more expects I have than the passing year.
   With experiences that Michael Schumacher and Andre Agassi said goodbye to our fans, will Roger Federer win more championship? What method can I have to watch these miracles happening? Whether to buy the expensive magazine or not? That’s a question.
Eton Hall, new home for me , shows great embraces to us SM2,expect the lunches every day. Badminton court is my favorite, for the reason that I bought a racket of Yonex by 38 dollars. Problems on living occur all the time, wandering in the markets and banks. Realizing what to do, I failed to get any resolution on what to do next.
Earthquake never happens in Singapore, but this time, when the world is flat, we are influenced by the earthquakes in Taiwan Channel, through the modern expressway named Internet. On hearing users in China unable to check in MSN, I lose all my confidences in the increasing visits to my Blog.
Need I write a version in Chinese? That’s also a question, which will be solved at the end line. Two guys face difficulty in words on the postcard. Confused by the non-arrival of postcards send several days ago, I don’t know whether to go to the post office to have a check.
The same time I stayed last year, what was I doing? Oh, yes, I was preparing the examination on the last time in my OI career. In fact, we Shishi OIers were busy watching the ridiculous film – the Promises. Failure one month later means accessible to our journey to Singapore as SM2.
   Boys are busy in enjoying beautiful girls and playing computer games.
   What are girls doing? Studying the advanced mathematic may be a good answer.
   Glorious tradition of no APs has formed in the history of the Shishi SM2 during the past 10 years .I am sure that this circumstances will last long.
  I miss you guys.
Ps: some dialogues is extracted from newspaper` ` ` It’s cool, OK?
Make fun by yourself` ` ` `
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3 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Ruika says:

    "Boys are busy in enjoying beautiful girls"… that`s cool indeed…-.-||| some photos please?

  2. 倚天 says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!说到石室中学...今天早上市上举办的元旦越野健身跑...石室的同学也来了哦...当然我们班也去了...真是难忘啊...
    今天一下午都在网上...在新华网的english version上看新闻...一不小心点进了一个萨达姆的专题...就看得头昏眼花...总之是很难受的啊...因为有太多的生词不认识...

  3. 轩黎 says:

    我来了,感动吧….不过….500多字得英语阅读太难为我了吧…死人….艾….今天我面试,Bless me

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