a few words

This is just something in which I would like to practice some new words learned recently.

Frankly speaking, I’ m not endowed with unusual talents and all I should do is to plunk up courage and to do the right things. Intrigued by the imminent giddy courses in NUS, I feel that crouching down for the opportunity to come is absolutely unwise. Obviously, everyone can’t fiddle around here any longer, but the question rise up: How can I appear impassioned when I wake up every morning. To put it bluntly, some guys around me live a perfunctory life, beleaguered by a love of comfort. Perhaps someone could handle the study with ease.

While waiting apprehensively for the reply from R.F, it was agony not knowing if someone lives a better life. Here, I don’t want to say anything which smack out of my hope, something dwindling away quickly. 

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1 Response to a few words

  1. Ada says:

    Good Luck~ 

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