Camp is coming

   Here I would say sorry for my  faults again. There is no tears on face unlike the moment I lost my lizard.
   The camp will start tonight and  all of us seems to be fighting against the enemies. Wonder how I would  behave passionately. Unlike Chao, I am looking forward the 3-day camp even though mosquito there sounds horrible. Several days ago, a lot of plans were proposed to keep my fishes alive during my 3-day absence. Obviously, the release of worry makes me much more disappointed.
   After the camp, the so-called recess week is coming in the corner. For all SM2 NUS students, it is more likely to be a joke. CELC’s course drives us mad. Oral summary, debate, essay, Gek test“`only be pride of myself, I haven’t falled down on the floor.
   Centripetal acceleration“`it is a stupid mistake I just made in the morning’s PHY mid-term test“`very convinced that nobody will fail at the same question as I did. Never mind, do i? yes, i did cause’ I don’t feel like to fell behind others.
    I know there are people saying that what you learn in university has nothing to do with what you do in your life. But don’t you think that sounds more like an excuse for those who doesn’t know what they like before they graduate? So you see, it’s not that easy to find out where your interest is. "
   Be strongly agreed with this good guy of SoC, I perfer to spend more time in getting ideas from others rather than studying in science library. 
   Blessful sunshine outside.
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3 Responses to Camp is coming

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  2. Ada says:

    Mosquito is horrible~~I hate it~
    Oh,3-day has past, You are on your way back now,right?
    I think what you learn and the person around you in university can have an effect both on you and your future life.But it seems that it’s hard for us to follow our interest to do sth. Just wondering what i’ve done during my campus life.

  3. Ada says:


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