Penguin At the First Sight

Amazed at the improvements done by Xiao Nei,I found it possible to share blog entries wiz live spaces!
So, I just try for once.
Perhaps all of us have seen the penguin in pics but can u imagine the first glance at penguins in South Pole by human beings?
According to BBC news, it was drawn by Captain Scotter who was a lengendary explorers to the south Pole in 1904.
The most exciting point about this pic is that it retained on a blackboard discovered in a basement of Cambridge University.
In the basement of our NUS, nothing could be found except wires in slots. 
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1 Response to Penguin At the First Sight

  1. Ada says:

    I’m a  Live Space  supporter indeed…
    Those who could experience something before anyone tried that were so lucky.
    And those who could share these treasures with others were worthy of respecting.
    Anyway, Merry X’mas, I hope not so early 🙂
    Enjoy your holiday ~

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