The Rage of Angels读后感

Just finished reading an novel written by Sidney Sheldon: Rage of Angels, which brought the author unbeatable fame in criminal literature.

This story begins with a stupid mistake made by Jennifer Parker, who is a new lawyer of New York District Attorney. Something goes wrong on the fifth day of trail against a Mafia boss, Michael Moretti.

There is a dead canary inside a envelope for the witness.

Jennifer Parker would not be a lawyer forever, if Adam Warner hadn’t  help to drop the disbarment proceedings.

While life is still hard for the brilliant woman, a relationship begins. Both of them admire each other, smart and independent.

She is an attorney in earth and she could handle the cases. Everything would be Ok even if Jennifer could not afford something nice for dinner.

Jennifer begin to defence in the case of The People of the State of New York against Abraham Wilson.

A no-win case. It is like playing god when an attorney hold someone’s life in her own hands. She beats Di Silva in court.

Soon, Jennifer Parker becomes the celebrated attorney in New York. Both of them miss each other.

We know what is coming next.

The birth of a child spoils their hope. The man begins his journey to the Presidency of the United States.The woman always has a case in her will.


For Adam Warner, the campaign goes well, building the route to the oval office. For Jennifer Parker, court is her another home, somewhere loaded for her to display her pride and victory.

Jury, Defendant, Attorney. People are playing games in the name of justice.

Power, Money, Lust. People keep themselves at stake for nothing but satisfaction.

The death of Joshua puts a shock on the mother. A joke took place in Singapore, 30 yrs ago.

Something goes wrong again. I expect a happy ending but the reality is cruel.

A Mafia family empire fells down. Perhaps,that is caused by the rage of the angel.



At the end of the story, Jennifer was trying to understand when it was that all laughter died, by looking into the past.

The beloved ones live in our hearts.

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3 Responses to The Rage of Angels读后感

  1. Meii says:

    Start reading english novels now…

  2. daisy says:


  3. Zhao says:

    命运永远是说不清的,一切都搞得明明白白的,就是所谓的Be destinied to do something,对于Jennifer来讲,她只做不可能后悔的选择。

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