Silent Spring— The End

It is a pity that I cannot afford time to write a response to every chapter of Silent Spring.

Even though I fail to figure out the very meaning of every word, unspeakable impulse push me to present a conclusion for this great book.

At the first sight, what I have read is merely something about the misuse of chemical insecticides and the harm to human beings. Obviously, it is far from the fact and definitely not the reason why this book is regarded as the very few to change the course of history.

Somehow, I am able to sense what Rachel Carson feel as she touch the inconvenient truth about the widespread use of pesticides. Ecology is a word meaningless for the public not until the publish of Silent Spring. It makes us aware of the fact that we are in the grave danger created by ourselves. As Rachel Carson said, for the first time of history, every human beings is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals from the moment of conception until death.

Every details run a constant theme, the awareness of that we are dealing with the life.  What have we done with the environment? Silent Spring just shows the answer to this question.  WE ARE TRYING TO TAKE THE CONTROL OF NATURE. When we behave with arrogance, something ignored before leads to catastrophe.

Science is something in which we put whole trust. The whole society have got enormous benefits from promotion of true science. However, something worth noting is the damage along with the unpredicted application of new discovery. DDT, along with many kinds of insecticides, is a classic example for us to stop the full trust in science and government. 

I notice that Rachel Carson has been always describe the nature as ‘a fabric of life’. In her own words, life is miracle beyond our comprehension. She puts the best effort ever to cherish what she like and even more important is the fact that a campaign was initiated by her work to carry on dream.

Someone wonder why I choose this book exclusively from the library bookshelf. It is quite easy to answer. The first time I encounter this book is trailing to my childhood. A book called Earth Home refers something related to Silent Spring. Shocked at the terrible scenes, I was determined to read this master piece.

That is the time.

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