just finish this ‘semester’ ^_^ Apparently, I feel good about this final, no matter what grade I will receive.
Delighted at the fact that I was quite determined to do something in the past few months. Although I most probably will not be enrolled into the popular ISE, there is no such regret or mourning about what I did in bridging course, phrase 3.
New era began yesterday, stupid C languiage plus simple java class. Last night, I was busy fighting with the Ubuntu 8.04 and the miserable windows vista.
Again, I continue swimming, tried but a sense of refreshment.
It is over, my Bridging Course, just as most of us do, I don’t care what happen in the next two weeks. However, I will strive to get some ideas about Java, since it is important for my future.
Best wishes to my friends who just suffer a whole semester.
I am going to get an Ipod to reward myself this afternoon.  
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2 Responses to Ubuntu+Java+C

  1. QH says:


  2. Zhenyu says:

    ipod~~…fabulous~i think im really makin some efforts on my subjects…though it seems that the result may not be as good as i expect…anyway, i can just accept it…wish you have a excellent result~may i have a look at ur new ipod…?^^

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