My holiday

How time flies! What was I busy with in the past 20 days? Anyway, I am a bit lucky than the rest due to the earthquake so that I could extend my vacation to enjoy myself at home.

I wonder what I planned to do at the very beginning of this holiday. The final result turns out to be a fact that I feel shameful to face. During the last 3 weeks, I didn’t play the Chess Titan at all and I still have no ideas of how the Emacs works.  How many new words do I learn recently? Much less than the amount I expected. 

The way I spent each day is quite miserable. I didn’t sleep late, but when my mother returns from work, I usually found myself lost in my own world. Yeah, every day begins with breakfast and ends with dinner. The interval between morning and night becomes unclear. What does the term ‘vacation’ mean? That’s the way it is.

No English book at hand“` Not bad but I keep myself in touch with the English world. The reason I choose to read books about philosophy and economics is certain to be somebody’s ideas. I have been pushed hard by an invisible force and intrigued by my inner inquiry about the unknown world. Undeniably, I devote my attention to fulfilling others’ requests. I suppose a good job has been done, though not prefect and always satisfying. 

Reunion with old friends forced me into reconsidering my view of friendship.  I found it hard to define relationship between me and someone who I cherish being with, and even harder to talk with my friends smoothly and thoughtfully. What does it mean by ‘genuine friends’? It is unrealistic to take lifelong friendship for granted. A name in the contact list makes no sense in most cases because what I cherish is what proceeds, not the memory we try not to lose forever.

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2 Responses to My holiday

  1. Zhenyu says:

    sometimes i just cannot stick to a habit for a very long time.I’m quite lack of some self-determination…>.<envy you~friendship is really important, but I think the distance also makes it weaker than before, sometimes.A really firm friendship will never be disturbed by this kind of stuff, though it’s also pretty rare. haha, what kind of ship will never sink? The answer is "friendship"! ^^wish u enjoy the holiday~

  2. Meii says:

    U hv done a very good job, really~~

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