He lost the battle like a Man

Central court.
So disturbing to hear what
happened in Wimbledon last night. Roger lost his crown in grass court
and Rafa defeated the champion through a historical battle of
What I could do was to hear the match through BBC for
nearly 4 hours.
Interrupted by rain for two times and the remarks
like "magnificent backhand" and "magic from Roger"
still rocks around my ear. The moment Roger left behind by 2 sets,
nobody was able to foresee what happened in the next few hours.
Cheers and applauses, sounds like a rhythm written for these two
fabulous athletes.
There was no turning points, but the moments
when 15000 spectators had to hold their breath. They were so lucky to
witness such a unprecedented tennis thriller.
Which guy is going
to be No.1 at the end of this year? Who cares anymore? History will
never remember the ranking but recorded the great match
Congratulations to Rafa, because you were the winner last
night and I believe you will pose as the defending one in the coming
days. It is the Spaniard who overcome Roger several hours ago.

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