自从搬进KE,事情是一件接着一件:Float helper, EMS, Registration~搞的人提心掉胆,现在又冒出来个Cors,马上觉得其他的杂七杂八变得一下子有点小巫见大巫的感觉,居然上个课都不舒坦,还要搞什么bid课,据说是培养自主决断能力,简直是无语了,更崩溃的是,SOC的课几乎只用1分就够,貌似以后真的只有拿个几千分去吓人了。

突然发现需要很认真地研究哈那个bulletin,不看不知道,一看吓一跳,其实形势很险恶,SU实在算不了啥不认真选课的借口,timetable builder实在有点无用武之处的感觉,再看看DDP,直接对IS与CS之间不公平无语了,怎么会莫名其妙的多出来20MC的UR~结论是,我也只有画张格子表,手动选课。还有SS和GEM在暗处添乱,QET的余波在吓人,这个世界果然是很吵闹的样子,上个课都安生不了。

关于Registration,被那个莫名奇妙的medical report给插曲了,ICA很无奈,我更无奈,不懂张悦然咋个那么矫情地在SOC活过了4年。

想想现在有多少人还在无所事事呢?估计不少啦。对所有忙碌的家伙,I wish u all the best.

P.S. Making phone calls to somebody turns out to be an amazing thing and somehow I realized the change of attitude from somebody, especially who I haven’t met for months. What I intend to do is definitely not to build such stupid more connected relationships, but to let us remain in a pure friendship. However, I appreciate any misunderstanding~ Less courtesy and more debate, that is what I wish to have.

The title of this entry is a copy of logo and I deem it a glorious start of my undergraduate career. There is a long way to go and I would never give up. Even though the course selection makes a tough choice, it is much difficult to have a plan for the future. Be modest, be hungry. Nothing but sheer guts. 


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