First Lecture

The first lecture of CS3216 finally came.
Prof Ben just kept his style of open speech and thrown unusual questions to new faces. Surprisingly, pictures displayed are exactly the same as the last lecture of CS1101S but different titles were added. An inspiring lecture gave birth to this vivid class and a group of nice people are going to make something fantanstic. By hearing the testimony from past students, obviously, it is as hard as expected (perhaps, harder) and the following few weeks will be a lot of fun. Just as Prof Ben said, learning is supposed to be fun, ok, let’s enjoy the process of struggling. En, yes, words are always meaningless and what really makes sense is the assignment of 25 pages’ long issued at very first day of the class.

This "evil" lecturer even asks everyone to keep a blog about this module. OMG, I didn’t expect to express something emotional in English but this time turns our to be compulsory. Let’s say, I would try my best to make it.

Programmers are the minority of this class. A lot of efforts will be required from me to equip myself with enough skills to build something elegant. It is not bad to have incentive push me hard, merely wondering how I can manage the time better to overcome the hard core of math and statistics.

In terms of Show&Tell, frankly speaking, I didn’t spend much time in preparing for it and just show something I appreciate most. It is amazing to see people around me showing themself in different ways. It is also stuning to realize these people are really great and each of them is able to produce something specular. I am looking forward to working with you guys. Anyway, a lot of things can be learnt from seniors, I suppose. In the past, I had some problem with remembering people’s name, this time is no exception~do some homework on it first la~

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1 Response to First Lecture

  1. Ben says:

    "Programmers are the minority of this class"This is not true. 80% of the class can program. We just don’t have as many HARDCORE programmers as what we had last year. Caleb pretty much programmed his entire Final Project solo. He frankly wasn’t much of the team-worker he claimed to be. 😛

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