Facebook Seminar

amazing presentation done by my group and many thanks to Joel, Kelvin
and Hong Ting. What a poor professor I was…

This is my first
time to give presentation in NUS, and quite nervous when talking just
a few words…a bit shameful but anyway, it’s done and the next time
I will calm myself and do a better job.  By the way, it is
really cool to witness all styled presentations in class, which is
quite different from the ones done by my fellows during English
bridging course. The main point is that people here really present
their thoughts to audience in a nice manner rather than getting
themselves fully prepared and throwing out information. Nobody hold a
piece of paper for reference when doing the presentation and that’s
the goal I may strive to achieve.

Here, I would like to put
some words on Pet Society. The presenting group mentions the point:
social interaction. A lot of games are loaded with high-quality
graphics and nice interfaces, but they cannot be considered to be a
good app on Facebook. My view is that no matter how cool an
application it is, developers will have to put social interaction in
mind. Social interaction is the key to the success of Facebook and I
believe a good application should be build to enhance the social
interaction among users, of course, through a comfortable way (In
spite of this, I did appreaciate the idea of Whopper Sacrifice). 
There are millions of users on Facebook but I cannot see the huge
amount of interaction between people. Photo-tagging is a nice feature
for social networking site, but it just create a simple interaction
through funny pictures and doesn’t contribute a lot to diminish the
gap between user and his friends. Therefore, the most brilliant
feature of an application must focus on improving the communications
among users. In terms of Pet Society, it allows users to DIY their
own space and even better,allow users to interactive with others’
room. The norm "pets" is more likely to be a medium to make
fun of your friends, instead of a pet to feed and a gift to send.
That’s what exactly we want to let our Fish Vegas be, and yes, we
steal some ideas from Pet Society. People suggests a real time
interaction and relationship meter between pets, which just serve to
improve the communication between netizens.

Performance of
Pet Society is another issue concerned by the presenting group. I
really have little knowledge about performance of web-based
programming but it suddenly turns out to be the primary concern among
developers of Fish Vegas. Professionals have a lot of choices to
implement a single feature but we don’t. To learn the best
implementation become more important than ever. I have to balance my
time between addictive facebooking and others so that it is really
essential to learn selectively and efficiently. There is no time to
learn everything but eoungh to learn the right thing. So how? I am
not very sure how but confirm to myself such skill will benefit me
for further study in university. Ajax is a new world to me (ha, it
also applied to PHP, Database, HTML 3 weeks ago) and Flex (
what we use to implement Fish Vegas) is another land to explore. It
makes no sense for me to comment on performance through programming
approach, but certainly programmer must take care of it carefully.
People mentions data loading controlled by live data and I am a bit
curious about how to implement it within Flex frame.

but not least, business model is another issue targeted. In-game
advertistments are introduced and presenting group believe there are
big commercial potential for this app. The ideas of putting Nike shop
is not bad and in-game advertisement and marketing is also good.
However, I don’t agree with the idea of real life plush dolls because
it is quite hard to target the user’s geo distribution and users of
Facebook are not willing to get themselves involved with too much
credit card business.

Add some fluffy words later…

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7 Responses to Facebook Seminar

  1. Archana says:

    Hey,Pet Society was a great presentation. The points brought out about the implementation were thought-provoking. When we develop, we must not compromise on the quality. :)The idea of plush dolls is great! Imagine if you bought a doll and got a code that when you entered into the game gave you a custom designed component! It is a good idea for an extra source of revenue I feel.

  2. Yu Ming says:

    Hey, fret not! I thought u did well for your presentation =). Now we have a mascot for the class.I think you brought up a very nice point which frankly wasnt on my mind although I was part of the Pet Society group lol.You put it nicely when u said "A good app should enhance the social interaction between users". I think its a worthy inclusion for an app performance matrix.I didn’t quite get what you mean when you said about norm "pets". Like my group has said, what is powerful about Pet Society is the emotional aspect of it. Having a pet is a form of responsibility and the owner has some kind of moral sense to take care of it. This is exactly why Pet Society user keep coming back. To add on, pet society was a hit because in this busy era, no one has time to take care of real pets, so why not adopt a virtual one? Sorry if I misunderstood you.I guess the geo distribution part can be resolved by selling the toys online. When Pet Society really has a big international fan base, they can sell the toys through shops like action city and mini toons. And yeah, its fun to tear open the stomach to find a secret code! hahaha try it

  3. dp_to-be says:

    you did well as the professor of our team man ! Consider an academic career next time … even if you felt nervous it did not really show.. anyway you brought up a good point about the real plush toys. It might actually work. Think of the barbie doll mania that has been going around for decades. If the payment and purchasing is convenient, I am sure some consumers have no qualms about buying these plush dolls Kevin

  4. 92953682Hui Hui says:

    Heyy man! just a little comment – I think you did really well for your presentation! Had i needed to present in Chinese, i don’t think i could have done half as well! Keep up the good work, and don’t let language be a barrier. A tip on presentation – if you’re not comfortable with presenting, memorise memorise memorise! Do it so much that the words flow out without you needing to think about it. Only then will you be able to present and express emotions when presenting, and not have to worry about the content! XD ps: Just as encouragement, here’s a story for you! You see, a few years back, i’d stutter my way through all my presentations! It was terribly embarrassing. haha!

  5. Wei Man says:

    Heys Zhao Cong, yes I agree that social interaction is the key to success of Facebook! Which is why I think Fish Vegas will be a good app – pretty art, promotes user interaction with friends, very emotional appeal… faster make it playable so I can add it and use it with my friends! haha… After all the presentations I feel that a good facebook app doesn’t need to have good technology, just have to know how to get users.. Pet’s society way of milking the business model is to make the game appeal to the emotions, which will generate more social interaction and viral marketing…^_^-Wei Man

  6. Patrick Youming says:

    hey, you did quite a decent presentation. Though it could be seen from the video that you were reading from some paper behind the DV, you were quite calm and clear overall. Ya, as Hui Hui said, memorize is the way to go. When you become more professional next time, like Hui Hui, Archana, Hong Ting and many others, you can have free-style presentation without any memory work. In fact, I feel more shameful than you since I didnot even speak a single word during my group’s presentation! So keep up the good work!Ya, I agree that the social interaction is the key to success for most, if not all, apps. In fact, one important purpose of network is to bring people in different time and space together in various virtual communities to promote interaction between each other. Your Fish Vegas certainly wants to achieve that, but i am afraid you have to put in more features to attract more eyeballs. Anyway, it is a good attempt. :)Youming

  7. 奕名 says:

    Hey, again you did a good job… Let’s continue doing more practise. Maybe we can try the tip given by Hui Hui, memorise, and memorise…Look towards our final…

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