CS3216 Final Words

Final exam is coming but CS3216 cannot be over at all. The finals in this semester should be extremely hard for me and I don’t have time to muggle either. Anyway, I feel tonight is the right time to blog about the past few months accompanied with CS3216, my dear group members in CS3216 and what I learn in this class.

OK, one more thing to mention here first. Happy Birthday to my dear Mum!  祝亲爱的妈妈生日快乐!Throughout this semester, I always tell my family on Saturday night that “I am in school doing  project” and what I have done should convince my family all efforts are worthwhile.

What happens in these past months is far beyond my expection on this module.  It is really hard to have a feeling that I am working on a right thing and exploring the POSSIBILITIES. As always mentioned by Prof Ben, it is hard to know what you want to pursue in the future. I still don’t have the answer yet but really convince myself that I am here to make some difference.

There is always a choice. Nobody appears to be crazier than us 4 Chinese year-one students who decide to take this module, form a group at very beginning and switch to a new project at very last moment. We are definitely trying things we never thought before. With absolutely NO ideas on HTML, PHP, CSS, Ajax, ActionScript, SQL and server management, we take this module and work together. Why Flex for Fish Vegas? Because we have this single choice and the good guy ZhengYang dedicated bulks of time to our Fish Vegas. Additionally, a few friends were always there to give help and then we never fell into totally despair. Surely, our baby Fish Vegas is not fully functional and we did a bad execution. It is ok because we did our best. 3 weeks’ overnight in COM1 starts our semester 2 what follows is much more exciting.

Then comes the presentation and case study.  I work with great people(Hong Ting, Kar Meng, Kelvin) and act as a “young” Prof Zhao during the presentation. Never to view presentations which are such vivid and cool. Amazing presentation style with passion delivered.

WPF is hard but great people can always deliver great work no matter what to be done. Archana, Yu Han, Jia Yang and Jimmy, greatful to all of you. Especially to Archana and Yu Han, I feel sorry for myself since I cannot help them too much when they sit together to figure out what is the hell with the visual studio. Guys are graduating and I always hear saying from them like “CS3216 is the most interesting(toughest) module taken through 4-year study”. How lucky I am!

Pitching session, an unprepared talk delivered by Wang Sha and Boa stir thoughts around us and Xiaonei appears to be our opportunities as well as unknown fields to explore. People from Xuqa detect their opportunities in Xiaonei and we are very pleased to work with them NOW. It is really risky to promise an application will be delivered by May 1st since I have 4 core-module exams to go. But, we realize, opportunty can never be missed and we should seize the right momentum. Today(Yesterday) is the first day we work with them like a commuter ( I struggle with terminal command for consecutive 8 hrs).  People in Xuqa are great as well and a lot of passion is on the fly in the 4-room apartment. Happy to work even the danger is coming close, learn a lot and think a lot. Keep great plans in mind, be a dreamer, be a endeavor.

Finally, final project is what really counts. Unsurprisingly, my team switch to Xiaonei, exactly what we 4 declare in the application CV submitted for CS3216. That’s our goal and that’s a right decision. The cruel fact is that we don’t have too many choices either this time. A discussion in COM1 discussion room reverse our direction and comes the time to execute our ideas. Zheng Yang saves us from screwed minds and we save ourselves from 0 skill to execution. Who knows AS before that? Nobody. Who knows http service before that? Nobody. Who knows UVC before that? Nobody. Who knows GMap? Nobody. Ok, learn and stay late, struggle and deliver. Three girls in my team are just awesome because they master whole AS in 2 weeks. Unforgettable moments continually take place and we are proud to deliver our MyCampus on time. Chinese character input/output drive us crazy but we make it. Authorization process is unpredictable but we make it. Server host appears to be bottleneck but we still make it.  We talk with people from Xiaonei Platform, let them be aware of the situation and sincerely seek help form them. The moment we get informed by Xiaonei that MyCampus pass authorization last Saturday, I just feel every efforts poured is worthwhile. It is amazing because even 24 hours before that, we don’t have hosting in China and dunno how to manage a server at all. We are not stupid and just need time to learn, nothing we have beforehand but sheer guts.

Why MyCampus? A stupid game on Xiaonei will surely have more users than MyCampus. Our belief is that we are improving the standard of Xiaonei Platform and we are trying to deliver the best utility application on Xiaonei. We concern the after-effect and concern on core theme of Xiaonei. Friendship should be highlighted forever and MyCampus are dedicated to promote this eternal topic. Xiaonei is definitely the best place to campaign for this thing and we do not do ShanZai work(in Chinese, which means “copy and execute better). More important, MyCampus Team do care our users. We try to feedback all the unhappy users and sell our app to people in Xiaonei. Since the feature “report new school”  is issued,  2700 entries are there. The workload for us is too huge and we do feel sorry for people who cannot find their own school in our list. Just check it out, MyCampus  own 11501 users with daily 500 active users (the rate is usually low on Monday).


How about others? All groups deliver something fantastic. Spree Kingdom surprise me the most because I know they screwed up after the first assignment and they don’t enough programmers. Huihui shows us a good case to sell ourselves and their programmer is superb to handle the messy stuff.  Developers from Xiaonei should be a lot of good programmers but have no chance to take CS3216, which bridges the mind between world and China. Our advantages is that we are “taught” by the genius ideas, initiated by what happen in the past and now and we are able to think more. The moral part is “Do one thing and do it damn good”.

A few more points highlighted here.

It is time to figure out what I like and what I am good at, and, just do it.

Common sense empowers our thinking.

Find right people and do the right thing.

Execution should be carefully planned.

Commitment, the key to survival after CS3216, Passion, the key to survival in real life.

Special thanks to Prof Ben, thank you for broading our view instead of teaching so-called “useless” stuff.  Actually, a lot of my friends want to apply for CS3216 in the sem2 next yr, that’s because they are convinced by our work that CS3216 rocks. My roommate always tell me he somehow should try to apply for this module in this sem and he is seeking for right people to join next batch CS3216( if offered of course). I suppose no other module can have such attractiveness in NUS.

Also, many thanks to TAs, thank you guys for supporting the whole class and your kindly help which is always on call.

And, thanks to all people in CS3216, you are so great!!!

Last but not least, MILLIONS OF THANKS to my dear MyCampus/Fish Vegas Team: Liu Linxi, Pu Yimin, Sharon, WangSha and Zheng Yang. Certainly, we form the dream team.

A semester with CS3216, the end, the beginning.

In one word, what we do is to PRIDE: People Rest I Do Extra.

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2 Responses to CS3216 Final Words

  1. Ben says:

    Nice summary of the class. I am glad you had fun working with your fellow coursemates. This is most likely the last class that you will take with me at NUS. I wish you the very best in your studies and future endeavours. 🙂

  2. yulong says:

    congras to you all, really inspired by your passion in pursuing your goals.pretty awesome first try-out app.looking forward to join you guys in your next projects hopefully.let s keep on going

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