Balsamiq Mockups

向大家推荐下Balsamiq Mockups,虽然我写这个文章别有用心…
至少这是个比Powerpoint做UI Prototyping好很多的工具,而且作者提供了一个很漂亮的办法让你从中获益。
最赞的是,因为安装是Adobe Air,所以Ubuntu上也能用。

I guesss Balsamiq Mockups is something handy to use for everybody, either you are programmers or designers. 

The idea is simple: create an environment like drawing and you simply drag and drop your idea. 
By the way, I am using Ubuntu/Linux and it really takes time to find something so awesome and available for Ubuntu users. Even better, it is built by Adobe Flash, which definitely confirms a non Swing-like user interface….
One word, it just works. 
Additionally, I like how those developers act against illegal copies. It tends to be distributed rather than developing a strong defense.

Put a few screenshots here.

How to mock-up 🙂

Demo what Balsamiq Mockups can do by click!

Finally, you need to license to make full use of this nice product (or blogging it for free license!)

That’s all.

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